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A School & Corporation joint program, job chance guaranteed, scholarship available

Major: Telecommunication Engineering
Degree: bachelor
Teaching language: English
Duration: 4 years
Tuition fee: 30000RMB/Y
Application fee: 700RMB (122USD)
Application deadline: 30th October

Advantages of this program:
1)    A joint program by Shenyang Aerospace University and ZTE Corporation. (ZTE Corporation is a globally-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. View more on ZTE website.  )
2)    Internship chance in Shenyang Branch of ZTE corporation each semester
3)    Employment agreement with ZTE when you register at the school if you are admitted. As long as you study well at school and observe the regulation, you will be arranged to work in ZTE branch near your home country.
4)    Last but not least, scholarship chance available now. 11000RMB.

Condition for admission:
1)    You should be excellent and you are interested in telecommunication.
2)    You need to pay full tuition fee as deposit after get admission. Then scholarship 11000RMB will be returned to you when you register at school.
Want to take the challenge and know more about it, submit application online for Shenyang Aerospace University.

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Chinese Medicine Program with Scholarship, Autumn 2015 Session

More and more foreign students come to China to study Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine is moderate compared with western medicine.. Acupuncture and massage is very helpful to people who have to sit in office all day long. That’s why more and more people are keen on it. Even in Wuhan I can see some Chinese medicine clinics.

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
1) Located in the capital city Beijing, the origin of Chinese cultural

2) One of the 4 earliest founded Chinese medicine higher education universities

3) Belonging to 211 project (the project for top 100 Chinese university in 21st Century to develop better)

4) Having sep up a base for Chinese Hanban to Promote the culture of Chinese medicine

Most excited news is Beijing University of Chinese Medicine still provide scholarship chance for international students to study bachelor degree of Chinese medicine.

Tuition fee: 45000RMB/Y
Teaching language: English
Duration: 5 years
Starting date: October 2015
SCHOLARSHIP: 22500RMB for first year
Application deadline: 30th Sep

If you are interested in Chinese medicine;
If you are free to begin your study in China this year;
If you thing you are excellent enough and want to take the challenge to apply for this scholarship, do not hesitate. Just submit your documents online for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

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Signing Memorandum for Malay Students

The important memorandum has been arranged an official ceremony in this historic school. AT-China Education staffs in Malaysia all attended this ceremony since a minister was invited to be a watcher. To pay the respect to minister, everybody arrived one hour earlier than minister

While waiting for minister's arrival, the persons from both sides start interaction by greeting, discussing this event,taking photo...etc. The teachers in this school were chating about their backgroud, students and religion. The interaction is so successful that everybody feel time flees.

Once minister arrived, AT CHINA EDUCATION directors walked out immediately to welcome minister. The minister shaked hand gladly with them.

The ceremony began once minister arrived.  Both sides delivered the speech about this projects. Yi-Ping was representing AT CHINA EDUCATION. Then minister also spoke about this project.  He honored the achievement of China and encouraged these students to study in China.

The signing of menorandum was after minister's speech. Both signed the memo as usual then minister had to sign as a watcher. The ceremony ended with glee and unexpected feast.

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Mr. Najib invited to visit Chinese Universities in Xian and Lanzou.

About the Najib's visit in chinese universities, here are some attractive photo shown:

1. The spaceful praying room in NPU oversea student dorm.

The kids in kindergarden by Mosque sang the song to welcome Mr. Najib.


3. Strollong in the Lanzou University campus

Wanna see more stories? Just click this file to see the whole trip.

Najib's visit to chinese university.pdf

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AT-China delegation visits Beihang University

In the afternoon of 10th December,2014,accompanied by the Chairman of AT-China,Jinping Zhou,the delegation of AT-China paid a visit to Beihang University for exchanging and communicating on the theme of International students recruitment and international education. The delegation extend their thanks for the vice dean of International school, Mr.Jingnong Weng, for his warm reception and hospitality.

The Chairman of AT-China, Jinpin Zhou introduced the general profile of AT-China and the development history. The chairman referred that AT-China was founded in 2006, specialized in providing one-stop service for International students to study abroad in China. They also focus on the survey and research in International education industry. AT-China has established Long-term hierarchical partnership with over 100 domestic universities, assisting more than 3000 students every year to study in Chinese universities. The development of AT-China covers 3 phases: In the very beginning, AT-China constructed integrated online application platform. With advanced and well-developed platforms, they receive more than 2000 International students consulting for Chinese universities through the platform AT-0086(www.at0086.com) each year. During the second phase, AT-China emphasizes on multi-dimensional promotion for domestic universities through CISS (www.ciss.org.cn) platform in order to highlight the features of Chinese universities as well as to expand the brand awareness of them. Through CISS, AT-China makes demographic and research on each university to build up internationalized brand for domestic universities, providing marketing services to arouse the global attention in International education industry. Now, AT-China provides data support to Ministry of Education and provides provincial alliance recruiting platform for different provinces in China. Up till now, AT-China has been invited to more than 30 national conferences to give speeches on International Education to spread the latest global news and policies. The Research Center of AT-China was therefore founded to provide relevant researches and report for Chinese Government and domestic universities.

Dean Weng indicated that, Beihang University is looking forward to adopt more students from various nations. To the south is Haidian Financial District, adjoin with Olympic Village and the Summer Palace, Beihang University is surrounded by rich history and culture. At meanwhile, it maintians its acsending competitiveness and makes persisitent effort in integrating their ducation ideology. Beihang University is now the top university in Aerospace education in China. Being the pioneer of english taught programs, Beihang University possess the most advanced teaching equipment and globolized teaching team. Great emphasis is placed on their achievements in space technology , the government grant Beihang Univerwsity 35 national scholoarships each year to encourage the education in aerospace and advanced technology. Within Space technology field, the Rocker Technology, satellite communication, satellite navigation and many other programs of Beihang University has great impact in the world. To support the technolgy research, the Chinese Academy of Science offers the access to sophisticated labotory equipments to assort with the higher education standard.

The CEO of AT-China Malaysia Mr. Zhou Zhiping leads to the topic of the incremental demand of Technology elites in Southeast Asian region. He mentioned that the rapid growth of Technology research power and education quality of China has drawn the attention of the students to Chinese higher educaiton. Dean Weng agreed with his perspective and showed willingness of attracting more talents from Southeast Asian to exchange and study the most advanced technology in Beihang University. Both parties were involved in in-depth analysis and communication, exchanging the notion of implementing the enhancement of the soft power of our nation. Oriented by spreading the advanced education ideology of Chinese higher education institute, Beihang University and AT-China would possibly collaborate to make contributions for the development of Chinese International education. Also Dean Mr. Weng and Mr. Zhou expect to explore more cooperation potentials between two parties in the near future.

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